A former player for the Patriots describes his challenge

A former player for the Patriots describes how Bill Belichick used to con Josh Allen.

The New England Patriots have consistently had great success when facing off against rookie quarterbacks.

Bill Belichick choked rookie quarterbacks for years, especially those in his own division.
Josh Allen was not an exception to that norm, of course.

When he initially joined the league, he was quite raw and battled a lot, especially when it came to making decisions and his mental game.

Devin McCourty, a former Patriot, recently disclosed that, when facing Allen, Belichick advised them not to guard the check-down (via Carlos Talks Pats on Twitter).


The Wyoming product would never send the ball to his running back, no matter how open he made himself.

McCourty used that anecdote to illustrate his point that success at the quarterback position requires more than just being a gifted athlete.


Some people can play because they can run and throw the ball long, but it doesn’t mean they’re mentally prepared to be a quarterback, he said.
Because of his stature, strength, and athleticism, Maye has been compared to Allen; yet, there are serious issues with his technique.
Although that appeared to be a direct jab at Allen, he also utilized the instance to emphasize that Drake Maye’s success will depend on his ability to make decisions and adjustments.

The Patriots must make sure to take things slowly with their prized rookie and not rush him to the field, as we’ve seen plenty of young quarterbacks not being able to recover from their early-career struggles, and a lot of that has been because of their teams.

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